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About Ponto

Ponto is the bridge between fiat currencies, digital money, and crypto. We are building the infrastructure that enables individuals to move value between regular currencies, mobile money, crypto or financial instruments, instantly and anywhere in the world.

We want to enable entrepreneurs to focus on creating great financial products instead of the regulatory and technical challenges involved with building these connections to local markets. This way, crypto can deliver on its promise of improving the lives of those with limited access to financial infrastructure by deeply integrating the crypto ecosystem with centralized local economies.

With our roots in the Celo ecosystem, our initial focus is to unlock the value held in crypto wallets by powering cash-in and cash-out for individuals across Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.

The Team

Ponto is founded by successful hands-on entrepreneurs and fintech veterans. We have a world-class advisory team that spans crypto, regulatory, finance and emerging markets. We are fortunate to be backed by individuals with deep expertise in the space and top tier institutional investors.

Engineering at Ponto

We are assembling a founding engineering team, and are looking for individuals with diverse perspectives and useful experience that can share in and execute on Ponto's mission.

If you have worked on robust, highly-available, distributed systems or data pipelines, we would love to chat. Ideally, you'll also love instrumenting and operating the services you build. We use JS/TS/Node, Golang, queueing, databases and public clouds, but if you're a good fit for us, you'd be able to figure this out quickly anyway. We are also very keen to chat if you have a background in security engineering.

You don't need to have experience of fintech or crypto, though that is valuable, but you will be passionate about financial inclusion and building a service with global reach.

You will be ready to thrive in an unstructured environment, be used to taking initiative, and have amazing attention to detail. You'll help set our destiny, you'll create just enough process to get stuff done, you'll have fun, and always assume good intent.

Started in San Francisco, Ponto will grow to a number of locations worldwide. We believe our offices exist to allow us to share our energy and support our social and emotional journey together. At the same time, talented engineers don't all exist in one place. We are committed to remote-first development practices and are looking for individuals keen to refine and develop this culture. We encourage applications from wherever you are in the world.

View Open Positions or send us an email: careers@ponto.org