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Ponto, meaning bridge in Esperanto, connects global financial products to local economies. We provide the foundational components for new financial technologies so entrepreneurs and enterprises can create great experiences for their customers.

We manage and eliminate the risks involved with distributing financial products across the globe. This way, new instruments can deliver on the promise of improving and democratizing access to the economy for everyone.

The Team

Ponto is built by successful hands-on entrepreneurs and financial technology veterans. The multinational team behind Ponto is from institutions like J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, KBW, the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bridgewater, Visa, Apple, Google, Circle, Celo, Square, and Stripe.



Ponto's team is advised by top experts from organizations like the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. SEC, Google, Meta,, Andreessen Horowitz, Hall Capital, Yelp, and WordPress.

Katie Hall

Founder, Hall Capital

Mitchell Kogan

Product, OpenSea

Julian Fialkow

Founder, 186

Ryan Tabone

GM, Google Pay & Finance

Giuseppe Stuto

Founder, 186

Michael Stoppelman

SVP Engineering, Yelp

Jai Ramaswamy

CLO, Andreessen Horowitz

Nate Gonzalez

Director of Product, Novi

Aadil Mamujee

Head of Product, WordPress

Michael Clawar

VP of Data, Altus Group

Casey Neistat


Bradley Riss


We're assembling the founding members of the team, and are looking for individuals with diverse perspectives and useful experience that can share in and execute on Ponto's mission.

We are fortunate to be backed by the best institutions from around the world and individuals with deep expertise across our focus areas. Thank you for being a part of this story.

You don't need to have experience with fintech or blockchain, though that is valuable, but you will be passionate about financial inclusion and building a service with global reach. You will be ready to thrive in an unstructured environment, be used to taking initiative, and have amazing attention to detail.

You'll help set our destiny, you'll create just enough process to get stuff done, you'll have fun, and will always assume good intent.

Interested? Come join us!

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